6 Comfort Tips For Wearing African American Wigs

When wearing African American wigs it is important that you ensure you are comfortable. Fortunately it is quite easy to make sure that these wigs are comfortable as long as you are wearing them properly. By following these simple tips it is possible to ensure that your wigs fit you correctly and do not cause you any discomfort.

1. Tightness

If the wig is too tight or rests on areas too hard then it can cause headaches. To make it easier to wear a wig check that it is loosened slightly but still secure on your head.

2. Ease yourself In

Wearing a wig at first can be quite unusual. That’s why it’s best if you start wearing the wig for a couple of hours at a time before you consider wearing it all day.

3. Keeping Cool

On hot days you will need to lose heat through your head to regulate your temperature. If you get too hot take the wig off a couple of times a day.

4. Ears

If the wig is too tight around the back of your ears then this can cause your head to ache. Try positioning the wig carefully to avoid these problems.

5. Witch Hazel

If your head itches then you can put some witch hazel on a damp cloth and wipe it over your hair.

6. Comfy Grip

There are many different gripper products which will securely hold your wig in place without putting too much pressure on your head.
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