Coordinating Your Make-Up With Your Wig Color

If you are wearing wig then you will need to learn some very simple tips and tricks which can be used to make your wigs look more natural. Few people wearing wigs will ever want anyone else to know that they are in fact wearing a wig. Most people want people to think that it is their real hair.

This is done in a few ways. Firstly it is important to fix it to your head properly. This will ensure that the wig won’t move and spoil the illusion. It will also hide the border between the base of the wig and your forehead.


Another important thing to remember is that your hair color should complement your complexion. This can be achieved by either using a different hair color, or changing your makeup tone slightly.

If you have very pale skin for example, then wearing a very dark black wig might look a little strange. To avoid this and make it look more natural you can simply apply a slightly darker shade of makeup.

The Complete Look

The best thing about applying makeup is that it can create a complete look that you can be happy with. Your hair will look wonderful as a wig. And you will also find that by applying makeup you will also look wonderful. This should make you look much more beautiful and special.

It may be a little complicated to choose the right wig, but it is possible. You should allow yourself to take time to make the right decisions because some wigs can be quite expensive

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