6 Power Styles In African American Wigs (Subtitle – Getting Down To Business)

Getting down to business

If you want to look more professional then you might want to consider using some power styles of wigs. This article will look at 6 of the best power styles which can be used to make yourself look much more powerful.

Wigs allow you to experiment and try out several different styles of hair without needing to cut or color your own hair. This allows you to change your hair style overnight. Once you found a style you like you can keep wearing the wig, or style your own hair if you prefer.

1. Short Choppy Styles

There are many different short choppy styles which are quite angular. These make you look much more powerful and in control.

2. Colored Hair Styles

Wigs can also be purchased in colored styles. These draw attention to yourself and if done carefully the coloring looks tasteful.

3. Highlighted Hair

Highlights in your wig will make you look more noticeable. This will make it easier to stand out from the crowd and be more in control.

4. Asymmetric Hair

Asymmetric hair styles are very popular at the moment. These wigs allow you to try them out without needing to cut your own hair.

5. Mid Length Hair

Medium length hair looks less feminine than long hair. This can be used to make yourself look much more professional.

6. Curly Hair

Curled short hair styles can look very powerful if you choose the style carefully.
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