African American Wig Debate: Straight VS Wavy

There are many different African American wigs available in lots of different styles. Some of the most common types of wig available include straight and wavy wigs. It’s important that you spend time choosing the right type of wig or choose one of each. When choosing African American wigs it is possible to choose either straight or wavy wigs.

Straight African American Wigs

There are lots of different straight African American wigs. These are perfect for anyone in business or looking for a formal yet casual look. These straight wigs are available in a number of different lengths ranging from very long, to short.

It’s also possible to choose different colors of African American wigs. These are sometimes made with natural Caucasian hair, or with dyed African American hair.

If you choose straight wigs made of natural human hair then it should be possible to style them yourself. This means that you can curl them if you wanted. However, straight wigs made out of synthetic fibers cannot be styled because they cannot be heated safely.

Wavy African American Wigs

Wavy wigs are also very popular. These are more feminine but can still be used in business. It’s possible to buy these wigs in different lengths and styles. The curves can either be very tight, or loose.

Choosing synthetic wavy wigs are perfect because they are easy to use. You can simply wash them when needed and there shouldn’t be any need to curl the hair again.
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