Avoid The Frizzies: Tips For Straight Wigs

Anyone wearing straight wigs will need to find several ways to stop them being frizzy. If the wigs are too frizzy then they can be difficult to wear properly. This can also make them look unnatural. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that the wigs are not frizzy.


Washing only when Needed


You should only ever wash your wig when you really need to. There's no point to wash it all the time. If you wash it after every single time you wear the wig then it will often make it frizzy quicker. This will also cause damage to the hair which can cause problems.




After drying the wig it's important to let it air dry naturally and slowly. If you allow it to dry too quickly then it will often become frizzy and messy. Never use a hairdryer or put it anywhere too hot to dry because this will cause problems.


Also be careful not to wring out the wig to try and dry it faster. Simply press the wig gently and then put it onto your polystyrene wig head so that it can dry properly without becoming squashed or distorted.


Spraying with Water


If the wig does become frizzy when wearing it then you can try combing it to calm it down a bit. Another solution is to use a dryer sheet and simply wipe over it very slowly. This will normally calm things down.


It is also possible to spray the wig with water to calm it down if you prefer. This will remove frizz and make it much easier to work with.
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