Do Colors Vary On Human And Synthetic Wigs?

When choosing between the different types and styles of wigs available to you, many people will want to choose the color. There are loads of different colors of wigs which you can find. These include natural colors such as brunette, blonde and gray. It's also possible to find unnatural colors including green and blue if you wish.


The problem that most people have is that the colors are different when comparing human and synthetic wigs.


Human wigs are Unique


Human wigs are unique and no two are exactly the same. This is because most of the wigs are made from dyed human hair. The dyed hair is from a number of different sources. This means that when it is dyed it will take up the dye differently.


Even human hair wigs made with natural hair which is not colored will be different. This is because many of them are made with blended hair. Several different sources of hair will be blended together to create a single unique wig.


Different Synthetic Fibers


Synthetic fibers are man made strands of hair. This means that the hairs will be very different to natural human hair. The fibers don't feel like natural human hairs, and they are colored differently.


No two blonde wigs will be exactly the same. Every wig will be a slightly different color and it will be difficult to choose a color just based on the name of the color. Instead you should have a look at it. Everyone has a different idea about the perfect color for them, there are many different shades that you can choose from and each of these will look different.
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