Getting Fitted For A Wig

Wigs can be a very good way of easily changing your appearance very quickly. The problem with wigs is that they can be fairly uncomfortable. You will need to get properly fitted for a wig so that you can ensure that it is comfortable and it doesn’t rub you or cause any discomfort.

Measuring the Diameter of your Head

First you will need to measure the diameter of your head. This can be done either by yourself or someone else. If you are being professionally fitted for a wig then normally the person in the shop will measure you so that it is easier to find suitable wigs. It’s important that this measurement is accurate.

Measuring your Hair Line

Next you should use the tape measure to measure from your fringe down to the point where the hair stops on your neck. This will make it easy to find wigs which can fit you properly and that you will be happy wearing.

Once you have measured your hair and know these measurements you should be able to easily find a wig.


Not all wigs will fit you perfectly. You might need to have them adjusted slightly, or simply tighten the elastic inside the wig. This will ensure that the wig grips to your head comfortably. It will also make sure that the wig doesn’t move around too much as this could rub your head and make it painful.

Getting fitted for a wig should be a very enjoyable experience, you just need to make sure all the measurements are accurate and that the wig is comfortable when you are wearing it.
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