How To Measure For A Lace Wig

If you are suffering from hair loss caused by medical conditions or treatments then you may want to wear a wig. Millions of people all around the world enjoy wearing wigs to make themselves look more natural. Wigs will make people look and feel much more confident.


Hand made lace wigs can be either brought off the shelf or custom made to your specific sizes. There are a number of steps involved in measuring for a wig so that you can ensure that it fits correctly.


Brushing Hair


Before you can accurately measure for a wig you need to first brush the hair. It's important that the hair is as smooth as it possibly can be so that the measurements can be accurate. If your hair is very long then pin it back to make this step easier.


Measuring the Circumference


Next you need to measure around the head to measure the circumference. Start measuring from the middle of the forehead and round the whole head. Make sure the tape passes just over the ears, around the back of the head and back to the middle of the forehead. Make sure that you do not catch the ears under the tape measure because this will affect the accuracy of the readings.


Measuring the Hairline


Next measure the distance of the hairline from the forehead to the nape hairline. This will be where the wig will sit on people and it's important these measurements are accurate to make sure the wig is a good fit.


Next measure the distance between temples over the crown. And then measure the distance from ear to ear running over the top f the head.


Once you have all these measurements you can then hand them to a wig dresser who will be able to create a good fitting and comfortable wig.
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