How To Use A Hair Color Ring

If you are attempting to dye or color your hair or wig then you might find that a hair color ring is useful. Hair color rings are particularly useful for professional hair and wig dressers. This is because it will be possible for the hair dresser to show the sample of the various different colors to their customers.

Using a hair color wring is very easy. This is actually a very simple piece of equipment which shouldn’t take anyone very long to master. All you need to do is remember to take it with you so that you can benefit from using it.

Understanding the Color Ring

The color ring is a metal, plastic or wooden ring. There are then a number of locks of hair attached to the ring. These hair samples are generally fairly long so that you can see how the color will look in your hair.

The separate locks of hair will move independently of one another. These can be slid around so that you can see the different colors individually. This should make it very simple to see how the different colors of hair will affect your own hair.

Making Comparisons

You can choose different types of hair color rings which use different natural colors of hair. This allows you to easily compare how the different dyes will affect your color of hair.

When storing these hair color rings it is important to hang them up carefully. This will minimize any damage caused to them and should make it possible to use them for a very long time.
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