Human Hair Headband Wigs

Headband wigs offer an interesting alternative to what most of us might think of whenever we consider a hairpiece. Unlike lace front wigs and other types of hairpieces that are designed to look as though the strands of hair are growing directly from your scalp, a headband wig is designed as sort of a cap. Instead of attaching to your scalp with adhesives, the headband fits over your own hair and is held in place generally with a handful of combs that cling to your hair.

                These wigs have their pros and cons, just like any other. Human hair headband wigs are ideal for those looking to instantly add length or volume to their hairstyle but are not quite willing to commit to a full wig. With proper adjustment and styling, these hairpieces can give quite a fetching effect- it simply looks as though the wearer is wearing a hairband- the wig itself can easily go completely undetected.

                Another good selling point with these wigs is that it is not just the hair of the wig that comes in all sorts of colors and styles, but the headbands to which they are attached, as well. It is probably a safe assumption to say that there is a headband wig out there that would fit any one individual’s tastes. Sometimes it is even possible to find a headband wig with a detachable headband! You care for these wigs is a manner similar to how you would care for any other human hair wig, and you can generally use the same styling techniques as well, given that you do not harm the headband itself with said techniques.
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