Medical Conditions That Qualify For Medical Wigs

If you have a medical condition which causes hair loss then you might want to wear a wig. Wearing wigs may not be essential, but it does make many people feel much more confident. By wearing these wigs it’s possible to make yourself look much more normal. Medical wigs are quite expensive but they are high quality and look natural.

Medical Conditions

There are quite a few different medical conditions which can cause hair loss. Normally only a few different conditions will be covered. The most common types of conditions included in insurance policies are Alopecia Areata and Cancer.

If you think that you are suffering from any of these conditions then you will need to visit your doctor for more a diagnosis.


Cancer is a very serious medical condition which can put stress on the whole family. While the cancer itself shouldn’t make you lose your hair, the treatment options often will. Cancer is normally treated with chemotherapy.

One of the most common side effects of chemo is hair loss. By wearing wigs it is possible to cover up this hair loss and make yourself feel much more confident.

Claiming on Insurance

These medical wigs are very expensive. The most affordable way of doing this will be to claim on your health insurance policy. It’s worth checking that your health insurance includes cover for medical wigs and not just treatment.

If you cannot get covered for the medical wigs yourself then you might need to consider buying them yourself.
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