Professional Secrets For Wig Care

Wigs are quite expensive, and so it's important that these are cared for properly. By looking after them it's easy to make them last for as long as possible. This article will look at some secrets of synthetic wig care which can be used to ensure your wig looks as good as it possibly can for as long as possible.


Specialist Shampoo


You should only ever use special shampoos to wash a synthetic wig. You should never use regular shampoo. This is a very common mistake that normal people will make.


Washing the Wig


When washing the wig, there's no need to wash it every single time you wear it. Actually when it comes to washing wigs, less is more. Washing the wig after 10-15 times of wearing it will be more than enough. This makes it easy to reduce damage caused to your wig.


Don't rub the fibers of the wig directly as this can cause damage and tangles. Instead, you should gently swill the wig around in the water.


Removing Tangles


Remove all of the tangles from wigs using fingers before brushing. This will reduce the possibility of pulling hairs out of the wig base due to knots and tangles.


Curly Wigs


When dealing with curly wigs you should never brush them. Brushing curly wigs will cause much more harm than good. This could also affect the style which would be difficult to repair.


Brushing Wigs


Assuming you don't have a curly wig then it's safe to brush it when it's completely dry. You should only brush the wig when it's dry and when it's completely necessary. This will mean that the wig looks clean and is free from tangles.
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