The Top 10 Things That Damage Wigs

Wigs are one of the best ways to changing your hair style quickly and easily. However, the major problem with wigs is that they are very expensive. If treated with care though, it’s possible for wigs to last for a very long time. There are however ten common mistakes that people make which can cause damage to their wigs. Learning what these are will make it possible to avoid them and ensure that the wig will last much longer.


1. Washing it with Normal Shampoo


If you wash your wig with regular shampoo and conditioner then it can cause damage to your wig. Use specialist shampoos and conditioners for wigs.


2. Using Normal Brushes


When brushing your hair it’s important that you use special wire brushes. You should avoid using normal hair brushes because these can damage the wig severely.


3. Not Storing Correctly


You need to ensure that the wig is stored properly and not put flat in a drawer.


4. Heat Styling


If you are using synthetic wigs then you may not be able to use heat to style the wig without causing harm.


5. Wringing Wigs


When you wash the wig you must be careful and gentle. Also leave it to air dry, avoid wringing it out because this will distort the wig.


6. Hair Dryers


It can be tempting to dry the wig after washing with a hair dryer to speed up the process; however this will normally cause more harm than good. Allow it to dry by the air only, you can also use your fingers to style it if needed.


7. Restyling


Wigs can be restyled successfully, but this is one of the most common things which damage most other wigs. Consider taking your wig to a specialist wig dresser to style the wig for you.


8. Heat


Most wigs are susceptible to high heat. Anything hotter than 180 degrees can cause damage to the hair. This means you should not wear the wig when cooking, or standing near bright lamps or lights.


9. Chlorine


The wig should never be worn in or around swimming pools as chlorine is another very common thing which can damage wigs.


10. Hair Spray


Don’t consider using hair spray or gels designed for human hair on your wig. These can damage your wig permanently.
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