Top 10 Prom Styles In Lace Wigs

Your prom should be one of the most memorable days of your childhood. This marks the graduation from school and the end of an era. To mark this special occasion many young women are starting to wear wigs.

This article will look at 10 of the most popular styles of wigs for the prom.

1. Long haired wigs

Straight long haired wigs look great with some dresses. These wigs are wonderful if you have a short hair style normally and don’t have time, or don’t want to grow your hair.

2. Curly Wigs

Curling hair takes a lot of time to do properly. That’s why many people are starting to use curly wigs. These look just as good but need less time to style.

3. Choppy Cuts

You might be cautious to try out short choppy cuts on your own hair. However, wigs allow you to experiment without risking your hair.

4. Asymmetric Cut

If you are wearing a more modern dress then you could also choose an asymmetric cut. These suit some dresses very well.

5. Modern Styles

There are many different modern hair styles that you can choose from. Many of these are available in wigs.

6. Celebrity Wigs

Many girls feel special at prom. Wearing a celebrity inspired wig can make this even more memorable.

7. Wavy Hair

Wavy, or large curled hair wigs are also great for prom because they make you look more feminine.

8. Colored Wigs

You will be able to find a range of different colored wigs. Many people enjoy experimenting with their hair color at prom by wearing different wigs.

9. Afro Wigs

If you are an African American then you might want an afro. However, these are very difficult to achieve. Wigs make this much easier and look fantastic!

10. Short Styles

If you normally have long hair then you could use a short haired wig to have fun at prom without actually harming your hair.
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