What Is A Hand Tied Wig?

There are many different types of wigs that people will be able to choose from. There are a few different techniques which can be used to make a wig. One of the most realistic types is a hand tied wig. These can look just like real human hair because they are so authentic looking.




Hand tied wigs are some of the most expensive wigs available. These are made completely by hand and the hair is tied to the base strand by strand. This is very time consuming and so the wig costs a lot of money. However, this does mean that the wig looks just like a real head full of hair.


A hand tied wig will be much more expensive than a regular synthetic or real human hair wig. These types of wigs are popular with celebrities due to them looking so realistic.




Hand tied wigs are tied to a very fine and delicate base. This means that they are much less durable and more susceptible to damage. In order to avoid any expensive damage you will need to treat the wig with great care. This is especially important when you are washing the wigs as its important not to wring the wigs out.


Part Hand Tied Wigs


It is possible to buy wigs which have a small amount of hand tied hairs in them. This is a slightly more affordable way of buying a realistic looking wig. The hand tied hairs are typically along the parting and fringe to hide the cap from view.
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