What Is A Lace Front Wig?

Everyone knows the hassle of trying to find an outfit that fits just right. After all, finding the right color, the right material, and any other number of factors means nothing if everything doesn't fit you just right. What might otherwise be a perfectly nice outfit might look absolutely hideous. The same thing can happen with a hairpiece. What might be a perfectly acceptable wig for anyone else might happen to be extremely ill-fitting for you. This is going to turn a decent hairpiece into a nightmare. There's good news, though- lace front wigs are made and designed to fit in just such a way so to be a perfect fit.

     The idea behind a lace front wig is not just to cover up whatever hair you do or do not have- if it were that simple then there would not be any difference between one of these hairpieces and the typical sort of decoration. Instead, a lace front wig is designed to look as though the hair is growing right out of your scalp. The hope is to create a cosmetic effect that perfectly mimics natural hair, right down to the color, texture, and style of your choice.

     Instead of simply being fastened to your scalp, a lace front wig extends over your natural hairline to conceal all traces off what lies underneath. The lace front wig is glued on here to secure the hairpiece and give the illusion of a natural hairline. Additionally, these lace front wigs are often cut and sculpted so as to provide a perfect contour to the shape of your head, helping to cement the perfect illusion of your wig being every bit your own, natural hair.
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