Wig Combs, Picks And Styling Brushes Guide

Keeping your wig in good condition will require regular maintenance. Brushing with a specialist wig com is very important as this will remove tangles and damage without causing any further damage to the wig itself




When choosing wig combs it’s essential that you choose something that is designed specifically for use with synthetic wigs. Using a brush for human hair on a wig is not a good idea because this is likely to cause much more harm than good and end up ripping strands of hair out of the wig.


Wig combs and brushes have quite wide teeth and are made out of metal. This will ensure that the wig looks the best it possibly can for as long as possible. This will also limit any damage caused to the wig so that it can last for much longer.


Wig Picks


A wig pick works in a similar way to a comb however it is much kinder and gentler to your wig. These wig picks do not pull at the delicate fibers of the wig but they will still help to remove any tangles and knots easily from the hair.




Most wigs do not require styling as they come set in a certain style already. However, it is possible to style many of these wigs yourself if you know what you are doing. It is also relatively easy to create new styles with human hair wigs as you can apply heat in the same way as when you style your hair.


However, synthetic wigs are much more difficult to style because the fibers could end up melting when you try to style. Consider taking these types of wigs to a professional to be styled.
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