Wig Donation Programs; How They Work

Anyone who is suffering from cancer or another medical condition which can cause hair loss will probably want to wear a wig. These medical wigs can often be very expensive which is why wig donation programs can be a godsend.

Donating Hair

Some of these wig donation programs work by asking for donations of hair. This can be by contacting hair dressers or by running promotions to attract more people to donate their hair. Long hair in particular is very useful as this can be made into long wigs or a number of different styles of shorter wig.

The donated hair can then be made into wigs which are then donated to cancer patients directly.

Donations of Money

Some other wig donation programs work slightly differently, instead of asking for donations of hair instead these ask for monetary donations. The money donated can then be used to purchase new wigs which can then be given to people suffering from hair loss conditions.

Getting a Wig

If you are one of the people suffering from these medical conditions then you will need to find out about one of the local wig donation programs in your area. Normally you will need to phone or email them to find out exactly what you need to do.

Wig donation programs enable many more people to get wigs even if they are otherwise unable to afford them. This makes it possible for people suffering from cancer to live much more normally and happier.
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