Wig Myths And Wives Tales Revealed

Wigs are a very popular way of concealing hair loss. They are also increasingly being used to change your hair style without a visit to the hair dressers. Even though wigs are very common, there are many myths and wives tales that need to be dealt with.

Wearing a Wig will make you go Bald

Many people believe that simply wearing a wig will make you go bald. This certainly is not the case as wigs cannot make you go bald. Wigs should be fitted properly and do not need to be fixed to existing hair. This means that they are no more likely to cause hair loss than a tightly fitting hat.

Wigs are Uncomfortable

Lots of people think that wearing a wig might look ok, but they are very uncomfortable. This isn’t actually the case. Modern wigs are made from high quality materials and designed to allow heat to escape so that they don’t make you uncomfortably hot.

Wigs Look Fake

Most new wigs are actually very realistic. It’s difficult for most people to tell these apart from a person’s real hair. Anyone who wears a wig doesn’t need to tell anyone about it.

Wigs can’t be Worn Many Places

While wigs can’t be worn everywhere, they can be worn most places. You only really need to take your wig off when you are showering or swimming. They are suitable for use almost everywhere else.

Wigs are a great way to change your hair style and they won’t cause you any problems when worn properly.
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