Wigs For Small Head Sizes – Finding The Right Fit

Everyone is not born with the same head size, so if you want to own wigs, then it is important that you know your actual head size. Average head sized wigs can be worn by 19 out of 20 women. What this means is that if your head measures between 21 to 22½ inches, you can wear an average sized wig – average size wigs make up a large part of the wig market. However, if you are looking for wigs for small head sizes, then you will need to measure your head using a measuring tape going around your forehead at your hairline, under your hair, behind your ears and round the nape of your neck.


Ultra-petite wigs for small head sizes will fit children's head sizes of 19.5 to 18 inches. Petite wigs are designed for women whose head sizes measure 20 to 21 inches.


The great thing about wigs is that you can have loads of fun when choosing them. If you want to invest in wigs for small head sizes in order to add spice to your fashion style – you have unlimited choices! You can choose to go from long to short, from curly to straight, from brunette to blond and the only rule that you will have to observe will be "does it look fabulous?!" You will no longer have to experience a bad hair day anymore.


Let's face it; body, shine and fullness of hair are simply the universal symbol of beauty and health. As a matter of fact, the following attributes are known to convey beauty in women across every culture and spanning generations:

·         Flawless complexion

·         Body shape

·         And healthy hair


Healthy hair is always a part of attributes of a sexy woman – Beyonce Knowles is a walking, talking and singing proof of how voluminous hair can make a woman attractive.
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