A Short History Of Wig Construction

When most people think of wigs, they think that they are a fairly modern invention. However, wigs have actually been used for centuries. Ancient Egyptians actually wore wigs to protect their heads from the skin. The Romans were also known for wearing wigs.


Wigs are worn by many people to change the look of their hair without visiting a hairdressers. Other people are wearing wigs due to hair loss caused by chemotherapy or other medical treatments.


Type of Hair


Very old wigs were only made with human hair. However, since synthetic hair was created it has been used to produce much cheaper wigs. Modern synthetic hair is much more realistic and higher quality than when it was first created.


Human hair wigs are normally more expensive because of the high cost of acquiring and processing the hair.




The base of the wig is the most important part. This is the part of the wig which fits around your head. The hair is then fixed onto the base to secure it all in place. There are a number of different types of base available for different wigs.


At first, all of the wigs were made using a cloth base. The cloth base is was fairly easy to make, but it is often found to be uncomfortable by many people. There have been many improvements in the types of bases available. These include wefted and mono-filament wigs.




The new methods of wig construction have created much more realistic looking wigs. Wigs can be worn for fashion or to cover up hair loss caused by medical conditions or medical treatments.
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