A Close-Up Look Under Today’s Wigs

Wigs are expensive for the simple reason that they are notoriously difficult to make. The strands of hair are tied onto the cap. It’s the cap which is the most complicated part of the wig to make. There are a few different types of wig caps available. By learning about the different types of wig which are available, it will be much easier to choose the best type of wig for yourself.


Standard Cap


The standard wig cap is the most readily available option for securing the wig to your head. This is more noticeable than many other types of wig cap but is an option for some people.


Lace Front Cap


These caps have a very delicate and fine lace section at the front of the cap. This is transparent and gives the wig a realistic effect. This means that the border between your head and the wig will be almost invisible.




A wefted cap is one of the most common type of modern wig design available. The cap is made from strips of rubber which are stitched together. The advantage of this is that it is cooler and lighter weight than a complete cap. These are not as realistic as other types of cap, but are suitable for people looking for a fashion wig.


Mono filament Hand Tied


This type of wig is the most expensive option. However, this is a very realistic type of wig which is also very comfortable. The fibers of the wig are tied by hand to the wig base. The base is skin color and virtually undetectable.
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