Can I Over Brush My Wig?

You need to be careful when looking after your wig so that it will last for as long as it possibly can. Wigs are very expensive and should only ever be seen as an investment. That’s why it’s such a good idea to learn how to wash style and care for the wig.


Your real hair can be brushed as many times as you want without it affecting or causing any damage, however wigs are not actually like this.


Over brushing


You should be careful not to brush your wig too often. This is because wigs have a certain style, and brushing them too much will damage the style in the wig. Most wigs which have been styled already do not require much brushing.


When to Brush


There are some times when you will need to brush the wig though. This is normally when the wig becomes knotted or tangled. Only brushing the wig when it actually needs it will make it much easier to keep your wig looking at its best.


You should never brush your wig when it is wet because this could cause extra damage or harm to your wig. Only brush the wig after it has dried completely to avoid causing any damage or harm to it.


If you restyle your wig and it is made of human hair then you might need to do a bit of extra brushing to ensure that it looks as good as it possibly can. It’s probably easier to take the wig to a professional wig dresser to have it styled and brushed for you.
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