6 Easy Steps To Wash Your Wig

If you just brought yourself a brand new wig then you will need to learn how to care for it properly. A good wig is very expensive and so it’s vital that it’s cared for properly. Any mistreatment can mean that the wig won’t last as long as it normally would. This article will look at 6 easy steps which can be used to wash your wig.


1. Preparing the Wig – Start by untangling the wig by using your fingers, a wig brush or wig comb. Also while doing this fill your sink up with slightly warm water and add the recommended amount of shampoo.


2. Washing the Wig – Now place your wig into the water and allow it to soak for the suggested amount of time. Take the wig out of the water and gently rub some shampoo into the hairs of the wig with your hand. Be careful to avoid any hairs coming off.


3. Rinsing – Once you have washed the wig you should then rinse it out using warm water, you should avoid using cold water because this won’t remove all of the shampoo correctly.


4. Conditioner – Massage conditioner into the wig as directed and allow it to rest for five minutes. Then rinse again.


5. Drying the wig – Use a clean dry towel to blog the wig gently. Then put the wig onto a wig stand and leave it to air dy.


6. Finishing Touches – Now comb through the wig using a wire brush. It can then be styled.
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