Cleaning And Maintaining The Wig Interior

Lace wigs are very expensive and are designed to look as realistic as possible. It's important that these wigs are treated with care because otherwise the wig might not last as long as you expect. The interior of the wig is the cap which first onto your head and holds the hair in place.




The wig interior cap does not require any special cleaning treatments. Actually it will get cleaned when you wash the wig normally. Simply follow the instructions on the wig conditioner and wig shampoo bottles for more information about how to wash the wig safely.


Washing the Wigs


The wig only needs to be washed when it really needs to be. There's no reason to wash the wig when you see that they look dirty or smell funny. It's vital that you wash the wig carefully to avoid causing any more harm.


Never rub the fibers of the wig directly because this can tangle it up. Instead simply agitate the water slightly to allow the shampoo to work and clean all of the dirt from your wig hairs.




While you are cleaning the wig you might notice tears and damage. It's possible to send the wig away for repair if needed. This is a good option if you notice a very large tear in the wig cap. However, if it's only a small tear then it would also be possible to repair it yourself. To do this stitch over the tear using some clear thread.
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