Difference Between Highlighted, Mixed, And Blended Wigs

Wigs are very popular with many different people. They make it easy to change your hair style easily without needing to have your hair cut at all. This is cheaper and easier than visiting a hair dresser.


Three of the most popular types of wigs are highlighted, mixed and blended wigs. But what are these types of wigs and how are they important?


Highlighted Wigs


Highlighted wigs are wigs which have a base color with a number of highlights added in a different color. These could include a brown wig with blonde streaks or highlights in. There are many different colors of highlights that you can decide to use depending on your preferences.


Highlights are put into the wig by adding dyed streaks of hair.


Mixed Wigs


Mixed wigs look very similar to highlighted wigs but are more expensive. These are higher quality wigs which are typically made from human hair rather than synthetic fibers. This means that they cost more money but should also last longer.


Blended Wigs


Blended wigs are the best quality type of wigs available. This is where several different colors of human hair are mixed together and put into the same wig. This will create an effect similar to highlights but also looks much more natural. These are the most realistic type of highlighted wigs available.


You will be unable to get a sense for how the different wigs will look until you actually try them on. Without trying a wig on you cannot be sure how it looks on you.
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