Wig Colors: What Is A Tipped Color?

There are thousands of different styles, colors and types of wigs that you can choose from. You will need to make sure that you're choosing the right rig for your face as it's important that it suits and matches your facial features.


Tipped Color Wigs


One of the most popular types of wig that you can choose is a tipped color wig. These are popular with people who want to introduce new colors into their hair without having a completely colored wig.


The strands of hair are dipped part way up in a different color. This gives the tips of the hair a different color which makes it look much more interesting and attractive.


Long Lasting


Because wigs do not grow tipped color wigs will last for a very long time. Trying to create a similar effect with your real hair will not last for a very long time. This is because your hair will need to be cut and you will then lose the colored tips.


However, with a wig there's no need to cut the color out. This is because the wig will not grow.




Tipped color wigs are very fashionable. These are suitable mainly for younger women. Tipped color wigs are also perfect for people with black hair. This is because new colors can easily be introduced without needing to change the hair color. Asian women for example can add red, blue or many other colored tips to make the hair more interesting.
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