Do New Wigs Need Styling?

When you buy a new wig you might be concerned that it needs to be styled before you first wear it. This isn't actually essential as there's no need to style most wigs. It is however possible to style the wig if you wish.


Suiting your Face


Wigs are styled to suit as many people as possible. This means that they won't normally be perfect for one person. The best way to customize a wig is to have it customized and styled. It's possible to have the wig cut and styled so that it suits and matches your facial features. Customizing the wig will make it look more like your natural hair.


Wig Dresser


It's not a good idea to style or cut a wig yourself. These wigs are very expensive, and small mistakes can cause lots of expensive damage. Always find a reliable and well known wig dresser to cut and style the wig for you. Choosing the right wig dresser will make it possible to create the perfect wig for your face.


Synthetic Wigs


If you have a synthetic wig then you will need to carefully read the styling instructions because these can't normally be styled using heat. Professionals may be able to restyle these wigs, so it's worthwhile asking.


Styling a wig will make it look much more personal and may make it suit your face better. However, there's no real reason why you have to. If you are already happy with the style then you can leave it as it is.
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