How To Pack A Wig In A Suit Case

Anyone who wears a wig on a daily basis will need to learn how they can take it with them when they travel. There are actually a few different methods which can be used to safely pack your wig inside a suitcase so that it gets to its destination unharmed. All of these will ensure that you don't damage your expensive wig.


Wig Tote


A wig tote is a special box which can accommodate the Styrofoam head and wig. This is the best way of transporting any wig because it will hold the shape and protect it from any damage. The problem with this method is that it's very bulky. You will need lots of empty space in your suit case in order to fit this in.


Lack of Space


If like most other people, you are short of space inside your suitcase then you will need to find a solution. One method is using a hairnet to protect the hairs on the wig. This will reduce the chances of the hair being pulled while it is packed in your case.


To keep the shape of the wig you can also pack it with clothes that you would normally be packing. This will help to prevent it from getting squashed without adding too much to your luggage.


Displaying your Wigs


When you get to your destination you will then need a stand to display your wig and keep it in shape. If you took the Styrofoam head with you then you will be able to use this. If not you can also use collapsible heads which are much easier to fit into your suitcase.
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