Do’s And Don’ts Of Wig Care

Many women like to wear wigs because they can be used to quickly change the hair style. However, these wigs are very expensive and should only ever be seen as an investment. They are far too expensive to risk mistreating. You will need to learn how to care for your wig properly so that you can ensure it lasts for as long as possible.


Use only Special Wig Combs


You should never risk using a normal hair comb or brush on your expensive wig. This is because these wigs are far too delicate. Buy a special wig comb so that you can detangle the wig without causing any harm.


Use Special Wig Shampoo


It's also important not to use any shampoo or conditioner for your wig. Only buy special wig shampoo to clean and take care of your wig. This will make sure that your wig will last for as long as possible.


Washing when Needed


You don't need to wash your hair every day. You should only actually wash them when you need to. This will make sure that your wig will last longer because it doesn’t need to be washed as many times.


Storing the Wig


When you are storing the wig you shouldn't just put it into a drawer or cupboard. You should only ever put the wig on a head stand. This will mean that the wig won't be stretched or damaged. If you notice any hairs falling out of the wig then you should take it to a wig dresser to have it repaired.
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