Finding The Right Wig Size

Wigs can be used to change your hair style, appearance and even cover up the symptoms of certain medical conditions. Whatever the reason is that you want to wear a wig, it’s essential that the wig fits properly and that you are comfortable when wearing it. If the wig does not fit comfortably then it can become a real pain and this can also make it difficult to want to wear it.


The correctly fitting wig will be a real joy to wear. This will make it much simpler to forget that you are actually wearing a wig.


Putting your Hair up


First you should start by tying your hair up into a bun and fixing it behind your head. Try and pull your hair as tightly as possible so that the hair is flat to your head and you can get an accurate measurement for the wig fitting.


Measuring the Hairline


Now use a tape measure to measure around the circumference of your head. Try to follow your hair line the best you can so that the measurements are accurate. This will help you to find the right wig size.


More Measuring


After measuring the circumference of your head you should then measure the top of your head. Measure from your fringe, to the hairline on the back of your neck.


Now finding the right sized wig is simply a matter of giving the measurements to a friendly wig shop who will tell you which wigs are the most suitable for you. They can also offer to customize some wigs if needed.
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