Right Way To Put On A Wig

Buying a wig is a great way to quickly change your style and appearance. However, I you don’t now the correct way of putting a wig on then you might find this difficult to do. There is a right way to do everything, including putting on a wig. Learning how to put the wig on properly will make it much quicker to get out of the house.


Wigs are much quicker than styling your hair yourself. However, if you are not sure how to put them on then it can take a very long time to do.


Turn the Wig Inside out


It’s a good idea to turn the cap of the wig inside out. This will make it much easier to position it on your head and learn how to put it on. Take your time to do this and be even more careful if you have long finger nails because this could damage the delicate cap.


Lining the Wig up


The easiest and quickest way of lining the wig up is o line it up with the hairline on your forehead. Then put the rest of the wig on, gently turning the wig the right way when it is placed onto your head.




Move the hair out of your eyes and look in a mirror to check that the wig has been put on straight. Also check that it is touching your temples and not touching your ears. You can make adjustments if required so that the wig fits properly and it looks as natural as possible.
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