Hair Surprises: Clip-On Bangs, Accents And Ponytails

Hair pieces and clip on pieces of hair are a fantastic accessory for many people. They make it possible to quickly and easily change the style of your hair without needing to visit a hair dressers and spend a lot of money having it styled.


Clip on Bangs


Many celebrities such as Jessica Simpson are sporting bangs these days. They are very fashionable, but in order to get them normally you should need to cut your hair. A much easier solution is to buy some clip in bangs. These will clip into your hair to give you amazing bangs.


It’s possible to choose the clip in bangs in a variety of different colors so that they should match your hair color perfectly.




Adding highlights or accents to your hair is normally pretty expensive. This is also temporary as the highlights will grow out naturally. By wearing accent clip in hair pieces it is possible to create a similar look to using highlights but make sure that it is completely permanent. The clip in pieces can be removed and put back into your hair at any time.




Ponytails are normally pretty easy to do, as long as you have enough hair. However, if you have short hair then you may need to consider a clip in ponytail. These can also be used to add extra volume to your real pony tail.


When choosing a ponytail, choose a color which closely matches your natural or dyed color of hair. This will make the ponytail look much more realistic.
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