The Right Way To Wear Half Wigs

Fashions change very quickly. This means that many people want to change their hair styles on a very regular basis. The problem with this is that it will put a lot of pressure on your hair and could result in damage. Wigs and hair pieces are a great way of changing your hair style quickly and easily without needing to subject your hair to anything painful or damaging.


Half wigs are very easy to put in your hair if you know how to use them properly. Putting them into your hair should be simple and shouldn’t take you very long.


Choosing the Right Wig


You will then need to choose the right type of half wig to suit your face and hair style. There are half wigs available in a number of different colors and styles. You can choose any style of half wig that you are happy with. Make sure that you are choosing a half wig which covers only part of your head, unlike a full wig which will cover your entire head.


Parting your Hair


The next step is the most important. You will need to part your hair around the front. It's important that this parting is good enough to conceal the border between your real hair and wig. If you have long hair then it might be easier to secure the hair with clips while you are fastening the wig in place.




Braid the hair where the wig will be secured. This will ensure that the wig can be secured properly without coming out. Use the combs in the wig to secure the wig in place.


Hiding the Joint


Hide the joint between the half wig and your real hair by brushing the parting back down. You might need to use straighteners to ensure that nobody sees this joint.

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