How To Style Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs have the major advantage of being very easy to care for. They simply need to be washed occasionally and will normally revert to their normal style. However, it is normally possible to create your own styles with the wigs to make them look even more interesting.

Brushing the Wig

You need to start by brushing the wig with a wire brush to separate the fibers and get rid of any tangles.

Washing the Wig

When washing the wig you should use special synthetic hair shampoo. Never wash these with normal shampoo. You should be washing the hair every 20 uses. Always allow the wig to dry overnight before attempting to style.

Shaking the Wig

If you simply want a bit of extra volume from the wig then you should shake it out. This will instantly add volume and make it look much fuller.


Spray water on the wig regularly throughout the day to make it look natural and to get rid of any frizzy bits of hair. You can also style the hair gently using your fingers if needed. You may need to experiment until you get the styling just right.


If you want a completely different wig style then it’s best to take your wig to a professional wig stylist. They will be able to use various styling products which are specially used for synthetic hair. This makes it very easy to create a wig which complements your features and looks amazing.
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