Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Hair Wigs

Anyone who is considering buying a wig will be able to choose from either synthetic or natural hair wigs. Synthetic hair wigs have many advantages but also a few disadvantages. You will need to understand everything about these wigs so that you can make the right decision.


There are many advantages of buying synthetic hair wigs, these include:

Easy to Style

These synthetic wigs are very easy to style because they restore to their shape after washing. This means that you don’t need to waste any time styling the wig, even after you have washed it.


Synthetic hair is much more affordable than real human hair. This is because it’s manmade and easier to find.


These wigs are durable and long lasting. As long as they are cared for properly they should last for many years. They should last just as long as human hair wigs.


Not everything about these wigs is great though, the disadvantages include:

Cannot be styled

Although these wigs are styled already, it’s not possible to style them yourself. You will also be unable to color them yourself as easily as with human hair wigs.

Not as Realistic

Synthetic hair looks pretty good and looks like human hair. However, synthetic wigs do not normally feel like real hair. This might mean that you are not interested in using synthetic wigs.

Special Treatment

Synthetic wigs will also need to be washed with special shampoos and treatments to keep them looking their best. This could be more expensive than regular shampoo.
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