How To Wear Headband Wigs

Anyone who doesn't think they need to wear a full wig, but is still interested in volumizing their hair and changing the style will be able to use headband wigs to accomplish this. Headband wigs are part wigs which do not cover your whole head. Instead these will cover half, or part of your head.


The fibers of the wig are fixed onto the headband which is then stretched over your head. This means that there's no complicated wig cap to worry about. These wigs are much easier to wear than having to visit a hairdresser to have your hair restyled.


Preparing the Wig


Start by gently shaking the wig to separate the fibers of hair. This will also show you where it is tangled so that you can untangle it if needed using your fingers.


Putting the Wig on


Comb your hair as you normally would. Then stretch the hairband over your head and place it where you want it to go. Normally these are designed to be positioned in the middle of your head, although they are sometimes different.


The best thing about headband wigs is that the headband itself is designed to be seen. This means that you don't need to worry about creating partings or hiding the joint between your wig and your natural hair.




With the wig on simply gently comb through your hair with the wig attached. This should blend the strands of hair together to create a very realistic and stylish look.
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