How To Wear A Fall

A fall is a special type of wig which allows you to add extra volume to your hair. Wearing these is very easy. Learning how to wear the fall properly will make the wig look much more realistic. There are a few steps that you need to go to in order to wear a fall wig correctly.


Parting your Hair


First decide where you want the fall wig to be positioned in your hair. To do this separate the bangs from the rest of your hair in a straight line. If you have a lot of hair then you can clip this out of the way while fixing the hair.


Clipping the Fall in Place


Once your hair is parted you then need to clip it into place. The falls have two combs on them which are used to slide into your natural hair. You might need to practice doing this because it's important that the clips are hidden for the effect to look realistic.


There will be two clips attached to the fall wig. The first is clipped into the crown of your hair and should be hidden by the parting. This clip needs to be carefully put in place so that it cannot be seen very well.


With the top comb in your hair you should then stretch the bottom clip down and clip it into your hair at the bottom along the hairline along the neck.




When the falls wig is fitted into your hair, you should then blend it with your natural hair. This should make it look very realistic.
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