Long Hair And Wig Comfort (Subtitle: Wearing Wigs Over Long Hair)

Wearing wigs over long hair

Wigs can be worn by anyone regardless of the color or style of their natural hair. This makes them perfect for many different types of people, including those that have long hair.

You might imagine that it would be uncomfortable to wear a wig over your long natural hair, but this isn’t the case. There is certainly no need to cut your hair short just so you can enjoy wearing a wig. In fact one of the main benefits of wearing a wig in the first place is that you can change your hair style without touching your natural hair. You don’t even need to lift up a pair of scissors to change the style.

Wig Cap

It would be possible to wear some wigs with long hair without a wig cap. However, this will make it difficult to do because you will need to push your hair up into the wig and keep it in place which can be a little tricky.

An easier option would be to use a separate wig cap. Although this is optional, it’s a great way of keeping your long hair under control while you put your wig on. A wig cap is a stretchy cap which fits very tightly over your head. Although it is quite tight it will also be comfortable.

The wig cap should be put onto your head before the wig. You can then tuck the strands of hair out of the way into the wig cap so that they are held firmly in place. When you are happy that all stray hairs are under control, you can then put the wig on top fairly easily in the same way as if you weren’t wearing a wig.
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