Restyling Your Wig: Same Wig, New Look

Almost all wigs are designed and styled at the shop. Then they are fixed so that the style last for as long as possible. The problem with this is that many people would like to create their own style. The styles will also get damaged over time which is why many people will want to know how to restyle their wig at home.


By restyling you wig it’s possible to make it look as good as new. This is a great way to create a wig that you will be proud to wear.


Human Hair Wigs


If you have a wig made with real human hair then this will make styling very simple. You can use heat and any other styling products designed for human hair. These wigs will not hold their style as well as some other types of wigs though.


Synthetic Wigs


If you are trying to style synthetic wigs then you will need to be much more careful. This is because applying heat could end up melting the fibers of the hair which will make it look terrible.


Synthetic wigs should not really be styled by yourself. The only thing that you should do is after washing it, gently press the water out. Then leave it to dry before combing it. This will minimize the damage caused to the wig by brushing.


When the hairs in the wig are separate it should then be possible to make the original style look as good as new by gently shaking it.


If your synthetic wig does need to be restyled then take it to a professional wig stylist. These people know exactly how to style the wig to make it look very nice.
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