“Mommy Wears Wigs” – Telling Children About Chemo

Most people will underestimate just how much children are capable of understanding. Children may not understand quite as much as adults, but they still need to be told what’s going on. Children may also be worried about certain things if they are not sure what is actually happening.

Telling the Kids about Chemo

When you suspect that you might have cancer you may not want to tell the children. However, once you are diagnosed and undergoing chemotherapy then you really do need to let them know what’s happening.

Keeping the Children Informed

It’s important to keep your children informed. While this won’t be the happiest time in your life it’s essential that you don’t let your children worry more than necessary. You need to explain carefully without scaring them.

Explain that mommy is going through a difficult time in her life but she will be ok. This will put the child’s mind at ease so that they feel much more comfortable with what is happening.

Explaining Wigs

If you are going through chemotherapy then you will normally lose all of your hair. This is a very normal side effect of the chemo treatment regime. This is a something that you need to do carefully and slowly.

By talking to your children about the wigs then you will be able to avoid any embarrassing situations. If you don’t talk to your children then they might try to pull at your wig when you are out shopping.

Keeping your children informed will make it much easier to keep them happy.
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