Wig Solutions For Sensitive Scalps

Anyone with a sensitive scalp may think that they are unable to wear wigs. However, this isn’t actually true. There are a number of different types of wigs which are suitable for people who have sensitive skin on their head. These wigs won’t rub or cause any discomfort to the scalp.

Anyone who has a sensitive scalp will need to carefully choose the right wig. Accidentally choosing the wrong type of wig will make it difficult to enjoy wearing them. A wig should make your life better but it should not be a chore.

Cancer Patients

Any cancer patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy will need to find out about these sensitive scalp wigs. This is because chemo often makes your skin much more sensitive. This means that many normal wigs will rub and cause lots of pain.

Lightweight Caps

Lightweight caps can be used to make the wigs much more comfortable. These wigs are very light and made from a soft material. They also allow the head to breathe which is perfect for wearing on hot days during the summer months.

Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs are also perfect for people with sensitive scalps. This is because these wigs are made up of lots of hairs which are individually tied into the cap. Not only does this make it easier to style the wig, but it also means that they are more comfortable to wear.

Comfortable Caps

There are also additional caps that you can put on your head before putting the wig on. This not only helps to keep your hair out of the way but it will also make it possible to wear any wig without worrying about it causing any pain.
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