On The Road Again: Wig Traveling Tips

Anyone who wears a wig on a daily basis will sometimes need to travel with it. Traveling with a wig can be a little difficult because most people because space is an issue. The majority of people travel with suitcases which are filled to bursting point.


There are many tips that you can use when traveling with your wig. This makes it possible to travel with your wig without taking up too much space.


The Best Way of Traveling with a Wig


The best way of transporting a wig with you when traveling is to pack it on the Styrofoam head and pack it inside a wig tote box. This allows you to easily transport the wig and ensures that you will keep the shape without getting it squashed.


Dealing with Little Space


Most people don't have enough space inside their suitcases for everything that they need to take. If you have this problem then you will need to find out how to save space when packing a wig. Few people will actually have space to fit a large wig tote box inside their case.


An easier solution is to put the wig inside a hair net. This will make it possible to protect the outside of the wig and prevent it from getting tangled or knotted. You then need to pack out the inside cap of the wig so that it holds its shape.


It is possible to pack out the wigs using socks or other soft clothing that you would be packing anyway. Once you have done this it's then possible to put the wig safely into your suitcase.


When you Arrive


When you arrive at the destination you will need a stand to put the wig on. There are some light weight collapsible stands which can be folded up and fitted into any suitcase.
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