Storing Short Hair Wigs

Wigs can be very expensive, especially if you are buying human hair lace wigs. That’s why it’s important to learn how to store them correctly and take good care of them. Storing short hair wigs is very easy, as long as you take a few precautions. By storing short hair wigs properly you can prolong their life and make sure that you don’t need to buy a replacement too quickly.

Choosing a Wig Stand

You will need to choose some form of wig stand to keep your wig on. There are many different types. You might want to choose a very extravagant looking wig stand, or you may prefer a much simpler polystyrene head. Either way both of these will perform the same basic purpose.

A wig stand will keep the wig cap in shape and allow the short hair to fall properly. This will reduce the risk of any damage being caused when the wig is being stored.

Keeping it Cool and Dry

You shouldn’t put the wig anywhere too hot or damp. If you put it next to a radiator or somewhere very damp then this is likely to make the hair frizzy. This will mean that it’s extremely difficult to control the hair and make the wig look realistic.

Looking after Short Hair Wigs

It’s very important to learn how to store short hair wigs correctly. By storing them properly you will be able to extend their lifetime. This will make them much more affordable because you don’t need to replace the wig as often or worry about getting it repaired.
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