Storing Long Hair Wigs

If you decide to ever buy a long hair wig then you will want to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible. All wigs, in particular long haired wigs are very expensive. It should be possible to make them last for as long as possible of you take good care of them. Caring for wigs involves washing them, storing them and generally keeping them safe.

Where to Store your Wig

Ideally you should store your wig somewhere safe where it won’t get knocked over. However, you should never just throw it into a drawer because this could potentially cause a lot of damage to the wig. Instead, you should always ensure that you put the wig somewhere safe.

You should also be very careful that you don’t store the wig anywhere too hot. If you store the wig by a radiator or somewhere else hot then this could cause damage. This could also make the wig frizzy and difficult to wear again.

Wig Stand

The best way of storing long hair wigs is to buy a wig stand. When storing long hair wigs you need to choose a stand which has a long neck. This will provide plenty of space for the hair to fall without getting tangled up or knotted.

Taking Care of Long Hair Wigs

You will need to take good care of your long hair wigs. The long hair wigs should only ever be washed when really needed. This will make your wig last much longer and should make it a much better investment.
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