Styling Your Wig At Home

Many people who have a wig wear it so that they can change their style instantly. However, it is also possible to restyle your wig to make the wig itself look different. There are a few different reasons why you might want to do this.


The most obvious is because you want the wig to look different. This may mean straightening a previously curly wig. Another reason is that you might want to breathe extra life into your old wig. When a wig gets older it will start to lose its style. To make the wig look as good as new it’s simply a matter of having it restyled.


Using Heat


If you have a wig made out of human hair then you can use heated styling tools including curling tongs and hair straighteners to achieve the desired effect. This is very simple o do when the wig is either on your head or on a polystyrene head block.

However, you need to be absolutely certain that the wig you are styling is made from human hair. Never consider styling a wig made from synthetic fibers with heat because this will melt the hair and cause a lot of mess.


Professional Styling


If you have a synthetic wig then you should not normally attempt to style this yourself. Instead you should wash the wig and then leave it to dry. You can use your fingers or a brush to get rid of tangles but other than that it should be left as it is.

If you do need a synthetic wig restyled then you should take it to a professional. A professional wig stylist will be able to help you make the wig look as good as new again.
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