Wig Sprays, Shampoos And Conditioner Guide

Anyone who has a wig will need to know how to look after it properly. Wigs are very expensive and by taking proper care of them it is easier to ensure that they will last for much longer. Wigs can last for a number of years as long as they are taken good care of. That’s why it’s important to learn about the different wig sprays, shampoos and conditioners which are available.


Wig Sprays


Wig sprays can be used to add extra shine to your wig to make it look more beautiful. These products are designed to be left in and do not need washing out. This makes them very easy to apply.


Wig Shampoo


Wig shampoo is only needed when you want to wash your wig. This means that it should only really be used infrequently. By using it infrequently it is possible to extend the life of your wig. Wig shampoo should be designed for the type of wig you are washing – synthetic or human hair. And you will also need to be very careful when washing it.


Take care not to wring the wig out as this can distort the shape. Instead you should lightly press the water to to retain the shape and then allow it to continue to dry when put onto the polystyrene head. This will ensure that the wig does not distort or get squashed.




The best types of conditioners for wigs are the types that can be left in and do not require washing many of these are sprays which make them very easy to apply. The conditioner can make hair look glossy and shiny as if it was natural.
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