Synthetic, Human Hair, And Custom Blend Wigs

Anyone who is wearing wigs will be able to try various different types of wigs out. Everyone will need to consider the different types of wigs that they might want to use. By choosing the right type of wig it is possible to get the best value for money and the most realistic wig.


Synthetic wigs are not made with real human hair. These are made with synthetic fibers. Because of this they are normally cheaper. However, they cannot normally be styled in the same way as real hair. These cannot be colored either and will need to be treated with care.

Specialist cleaning products will need to be used with these wigs to ensure that they last for as long as possible. These synthetic wigs do have the advantage of not needing to be cleaned quite as often though.

Modern synthetic hair is very realistic. This means that it looks exactly like real hair. However, it might not feel quite like human hair.

Synthetic hair is available to suit many different types and colors of hair. This should make it very easy to find a suitable wig.

Human Hair

Human hair wigs are normally more expensive. These are made with real human hair which normally comes from Asia. This hair is dyed and treated before being made into wigs. Human hair wigs look and feel just like real hair – because they are.

Human hair wigs do however need to be treated much more carefully to make sure that they last for a very long time.
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