Synthetic Ponytail Hairstyles

A wig can be a wonderful thing. You can use a good wig to accent your style or as a surrogate for the hair that you wish you had been born with. Your wig is only as good as how well you manage to take care of it. You probably have some ideas as to the basic maintenance involved in keeping your wig generally clean. The problem now, however, is styling your wig so that it does not simply look like a clump of lifeless hair clinging to your scalp.

                Typically it is a good idea to try and fingerstyle your wig as it is drying after you have washed it. However, if you want to make sure that you get the perfect ponytail with a pleasing curve and bounce, this is a step that you will probably want to skip. Instead, let your wig dry overnight and heat your curling iron to a low heat setting, pretty much as low a setting as possible- you do not want to burn your wig. Now, lightly mist the wig with curling spray. Brush the wig out so that you don’t have any tangles and use the curling iron to create the ponytail that suits your style, curling sections of the hair one inch at a time.

                An alternative method of achieving the curls and body that you might want in your wig is to simply use sponge rollers, allowing the hair to sit overnight.

                Once you are generally satisfied with the effect that you have created it is time to use some hairspray to hold everything in place. Alternatively you can run your fingers through the hair with texturizing spray to give the curls a bit more definition. Regardless, at this point you can reattach your wig and complete the styling however you feel best. 
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