Tips For Securing Your Wig Or Fall

The majority of people who wear wigs do not openly tell anyone that they are actually wearing a wig. The reason for this is because wigs are used to conceal baldness or to change hair styles. You probably don’t want anyone to realize that you are wearing a wig because this will undermine the real reason for wearing a wig in the first place.


That’s why it’s so important that you find an effective way of securing the wig on your head. The wig should be comfortable, but at the same time fitted properly so that there is no danger of it moving. This will allow you to relax and stop yourself from worrying about wigs falling off when you least want them to.


Cleaning the Wig


If it’s not the first time that you’re wearing the wig then there will already be some residue from previous attempts to hold it to your head. In this case you will first need to remove the tape or adhesive which holds the wig in place. This can be done using various cleaners, although it’s best to choose a fairly delicate cleaner which won’t hurt the lace base cap.


Hair Style


If you had custom wig then you would have had to put your hair up in a certain way for the wig to be measured and designed. It’s a good idea to put your hair up in the same way again so that you can improve the chances of it fitting comfortably and snugly.


A custom made or adjustable wig shouldn’t need much in the way of adhesive or tape to hold it in place. This is because these wigs are already made specifically for your head.
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